Lovely Save The Date (00:35)


Personalised Video Wedding Invitation by email or whatsapp
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Duration : 35 seconds
Resolution : HD (1280×720)
Photos/Videos required : 0
Video delivered within 48 hours
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When you feel happy in someone’s happiness and discover yourself in their heart, just don’t let go of that hand and make that heart your home.
Love is in the air and there’s magic all around. So don’t just announce your wedding, spread the joy and magic that now surrounds you. Let your friends and family feel the warmth and the thoughtfulness that this video invitation brings.

Wedding invitations need special care and attention. We strongly suggest you get in touch with us prior to placing your order.

This Wedeo Invite Includes
One Personalised Wedding Video Invitation by email and whatsapp
35 seconds long, HD 1280 x 720p


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