Lovely Save The Date (00:35)


Request your friends and family to save the date of your wedding and make them feel the warmth and thoughtfulness that this Lovely video invitation brings.
Youthful and Sweet. HD Video in 48 hours. No photos needed.
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Lovely Wedding Invitation Video Description

“When you feel happy in Someone’s happiness and discover Yourself in their Heart…”

Love is in the air and there’s magic all around.
So don’t just announce your wedding, spread the joy and magic that now surrounds you.

Customise this colourful and pleasing video invitation and share it with your guests to intoxicate them with the same thrill and delight that envelopes your heart.

It’s as simple as it gets:

  • No photos required. Simply add text and you’re done.
  • Works for Engagements, Receptions and Anniversaries too.
  • Customise for any function
  • Simple yet engrossing animation
  • Melodic background music
  • Short and Crisp

Make it Lovelier!

Send in your details and we’ll customise this Lovely-Jubbly video to make it truly yours.

  • Suggest your own Quotes
  • Use a different background Music. (we strongly recommend the default piano-guitar one as it is perfectly synchronised and commercially licensed)
  • Text colour and styles can be customised too

The Swaying Hearts and the Romantic Backgrounds can be edited on Special Request.


35 sec



Lovely Theme

No photos

Simple Animation


Country Music

Get your Invitation Customised 

Customise Lovely Save The Date - Wedding Invitation at wedeogram
Click the START button to submit your customisation details.

  1. Simply add your Names
  2. and Date of the wedding
  3. Make Payment and Done!

If you wish to include more details, simply write them in the notes or shoot us an email. You can also chat with us anytime by clicking the icon at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll receive your Personalised Video Invitation in your email* within a few hours.

Light Hearted



*please mention correct phone numbers and email ids while ordering.

Here’s how it Works

5 easy steps to order videos at wedeogram

More Info on Lovely Invite?

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Need to discuss the contents of the video or simply want to customize offline? We are happy to help. Just leave your name and number. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. For instant chat, click the icon at the bottom right of your screen.


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