Wow your loved one with a vibrant and playful wedeogram, customized with their photos and videos.

365 Days Birthday (00:30)

Sweet Birthday (00:10)

Birthday Balloons (00:10)

Fantabulous Birthday (00:30)

Happiest Birthday (00:10)


Birthdays are special for they bond friends and families together.
Birthdays are special for the universe reminds you once again that there isn’t another like you.
Birthdays are special as they come gift wrapped with love, blessings and festivities.

The word ‘Birthday’ radiates a feeling of excitement and joy that simply touches the heart.
It brings with it the vibrancy of a colourful rainbow, the radiance of candles and the melodious knocking of greetings at your door.

So how can we at WEDEOGRAM let it be just another birthday or just another year passing by!!
This occasion is yours in any part of the globe or in any season but we hope that it will be always accompanied by the dazzle of summer, the fragrance of spring and the beauty of winters.
If you believe that your loved ones birthday should be as power-packed as yours, then buy personalised birthday video and move ahead with another year of blessings and bliss.

Wedeogram helps you bring the special moments to life.

Want something unique?

Didn’t find the above wedeograms exciting or want something new and totally unique? We’d love to create a special Birthday Greeting that’s-

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