A new way to share life's moments and reach out to people you care about. With beautiful video messages that are full of life and celebration, it's easier to delight your recipients in a way that goes far beyond emails, likes or even phone calls.

Who we are

A bunch of creative and technology enthusiasts who work hard to provide our users an exceptional experience.

Our work reflects a thought process rather than a preconceived style. It develops out of questions, and responds to the content and context. If there’s one thing that defines wedeogram, however, it’s perfectionism. We are constantly pushing to make things better, never satisfied with acceptable.

We’re owned by our founders at Amor Lab, who continue to inspire and work with us. This has given us freedom to focus on high quality and we’re not compelled to create videos you don’t need.

WEDEOGRAM is relevant because of it’s people, who all come from different backgrounds, illustrators, designers, paper engineers, art workers, CG artists- it’s basically a gang of dreamers coming together to work on one big smile!

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Address: Amor Lab, 3642-43/11, Chawri Bazar, Delhi- 110006, INDIA
Phone: +91 11 23943707
Business Hours: 10am-7pm Mon-Sat

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