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Birthday Videos

Send Personalised Invitation Videos that are as fun as the occasion. Get everyone excited for your big day!
Just send us your details such as photos,video clips or text and get ready to sing Sha La La! on your Birthday.

Teddy’s Age Birthday Invite (00:30)

Sha la la birthday invite (00:30)

Starry Birthday Invite (00:30)

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Invites are on the way,
To brighten up your day.
Choose yellow or blue,
Misty clouds or dew.

Invitations, both as vibrant cards or dazzling videos come today in various formats , each outdoing the other. However, one common feature underlying all invitations is that someone specially thought of YOU and is waiting anxiously for you to be a part of their felicitations.

We believe that videos need to be appealing, articulate, irresistible and beautifully presented for the simple reason that they are sent to herald and announce a great day.

A birthday invitation must be as memorable as the occasion itself.

Now you can buy birthday invitations online and personalise them with your photos, videos, event specifics and a personal message. Make them your own by adding videos from a silly moment you’d wish to relive again.

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