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Classic Wedding Invitation (01:15)


Subtle colours and soothing music makes this rhythmic wedding invitation a true classic. Buy this soft video personalised with your photos, text and religious theme. It can be customised to include all the functions of your wedding.
Timeless Classic Theme. Personalise with 3 Photos
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Traditional and classic wedding invitation for Hindu wedding

“From this day forward I shall not walk alone.
My heart has found its shelter, my arms found their home”

One of the most beautiful and mushy wedding invitation videos available online.

The video includes pretty Hindu sacred elements. You may request for your preferred components (for example: idols of Lord Ganesha and Radha-Krishna can be replaced). Even using simple floral elements can give the video an entirely different meaning.

If required, this Classic animation can be customised to include more scenes and photos.
Just get in touch with us if you wish to either include more functions in the video or use it only for one function other than wedding.

Add personal touches to make it truly yours

We can Personalise the video with your favourite background music, colours and visual elements to make this Classic Invitation truly exclusive.

This video template offers great scope for customisation such as:

  • Replacing and adding Religious Elements
  • Adding or removing the Text Intros
  • Font colour and styles (suggest any open source font)
  • Adding more Photos (the default is 3)

75 sec



Traditional Theme

3 photos

Gracefully Placed



How to Buy Classic Wedding Video Invite?

3 simple steps to Customise Classic Wedding Invitation Video with photos, text and more at wedeogram

The Customisation process for this video remains simple too.
Once you click the START button, you can send us the names, day, time, venue of the Wedding along with your photos via a form listed above.

The Customisation Form for this video is divided into 3 parts.

  1. Add Names of Bride and Groom and Parents. To add more names simply add them in the notes at the end of the form or at checkout.
  2. Add the Date, Time and Venue for the Wedding. You can also add more details here once you check the option for it.
  3. Upload Photos or videos for personalisation. In case you face any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Make Payment. Done.

We will create your personalised classic video and get it reviewed from you. Once you’re satisfied, we will generate the Final optimised HD video and deliver.

The unique thing about this Video, apart from being soft and romantic, is that you can order personalisation for literally any element in it.

Customise the Background Colour, Font Style, Background Music or any other feature that would make this video invitation unique and truly yours.




You may add invitation for more functions of your wedding in this Majestic and Classic Video.

Here’s how to order online at wedeogram

5 easy steps to order videos at wedeogram

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